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  • What do you mean by ethically sourced items?
    I care about lessening harmful impacts on the environment as well as all life around us. I aim to source sustainably, of the highest quality and from creators whose morals align with that of connecting to the greater good of all. I DO NOT source anything that is tested on animals, is a product of child labor or unfair trading practices. I do my best to source local when available and am always seeking to improve practices as I continue to learn
  • When can I expect my item(s) to ship?
    Items are usually shipped within 2 business days, with the exception of custom made items.
  • Do items come with a tracking number?
    Yes items are shipped with tracking, which you will receive an update for once it becomes available.
  • How do you package items to ensure they arrive safely?
    I will package each order with great care, by utilizing bubble wraps, tissue paper, or whatever else is need to ensure items arrive in ideal condition. If for some reason your order arrives in a less than wonderful state, please snap a photo and email me right away so we can resolve the issue as soon as possible.
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